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Stress Me Knot Massage

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Our goal at Stress Me Knot Massage is to help people take some of the stress out of their everyday lives through massage therapy as well as take away some the their aches and pains and help their body find the balance that it is always searching for.

   We want to make every massage experience unique to each client's need.

E-mail: stressmeknot@gmail.com

9650 Datapoint Drive, Suite 103

San Antonio, TX 78229

Jacque Rooffener, LMT116358

A bit about me: I am a Graduate of Milan Institute of San Antonio, where I studied Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Exfoliation, Body Wraps and Chair Massage along with the many academics required for the program.
Auth Method of Forearm Massage
Myofascial Technique
Advanced Neuromuscular
I also offer cupping and Gua Sha Technique.  
Prior to entering massage therapy school, I am the mother of two wonderful young men and was an accountant for 16 years and a business owner.  It is through my years as an accountant that I have experienced the many benefits that massage therapy has on the body and mind.  I want my clients to walk away with this same feeling.  I feel that massage is not only beneficial to deal with stress and pain but to the overall well-being of the body.  I want to help educate my clients as well as the community of the benefits that massage can have to keep you in general good health.   In my free time I enjoy spending time with my camera, you will find some of my picture throughout the site feel free to check out some of my work @
Harmony Photos.

I look forward to meeting you and to help you in building a massage therapy plan that is just perfect for you.  June 30thI suffered a mild stroke  and anusyrum bleed.  I am still having trouble with my left arm so massage will have to be adjusteduntil it wants to work again.